Solar Powered Led Security Lights

Hello All, Rob here with another LED lighting home use idea. Home security.

Ever since someone walked up my driveway in the middle of the night, opened my car door and rummaged through everything, I have been obsessed with security. We live in a world now where you just can’t feel safe in your own home. When the pandemic hit crime increased. People were losing their businesses and jobs. A lot of the crime was out of fear and desperation. Home invasions, car break-ins, thefts became more frequent. That is extremely unsettling. People are cutting out the catalytic converters from cars while their parked in driveways! Craziness. I went and bought several cameras, a doorbell camera and a bunch of motion-sensored LED security lights. I have every area in my yard under 24 hour surveillance. It’s a little annoying when we let the dog out. Everything is activated several times. I get dozens of notifications until she finishes her business. But that is fine with me. I have a wife and child. I don’t want any uninvited guests coming on to my property. You worked hard for your home and everything in it including your family. First priority is to keep them safe.

Can Light Really Scare Away Intruders?

A big question in home security is; “Can lights really scare away intruders?”. Well, that’s a tricky question to answer. The short answer would be yes, lights can deter burglars but it depends on a number of factors. Do you have lights that are on 24/7? Are they motion-sensored? Are they bright? Are they spotlights or standard area lights? Do you have cameras as well? Truth is, lights by themselves are not as effective as lights combined with cameras.

When buying solar powered LED lights or wired LED lights for security purposes it is important to choose spotlights rather than just standard light fixtures. Spotlights are stronger and emit a much brighter field of light. Make sure they are motion sensored as well. Most burglaries are not planned. They are usually spontaneous decisions based on whatever house the burglar feels gives them the best chance for a quick hit-and-run. A motion sensored light will surprise the burglar and lead them to wonder if the light was turned on by a homeowner or if it was activated. They would also


wonder if the homeowners noticed the light and will be out to investigate. If you do have cameras installed, they will be illuminated once the spotlights are activated. The intruder at that point will realize they may have activated the cameras and take off in to the darkness. You can add a combination of different types of LED motion lights throughout your entire yard. Landscape lights, double spotlight fixtures, fence lights, etc. Most motion lights offer the option to control brightness and an “always on” option. Those are convenient options to have control over. When you have guests over you can adjust the lights to change them from security lights to party lights. Maybe color changing lights while you’re at it. Green and red for Christmas, orange for thanksgiving, purple for Halloween. I’m a big multi-purpose guy. Probably because I’m lazy ; )

The Brighter The Better

As much as I am promoting solar power, when it comes to security lights, wired is obviously better. But solar can be almost as sufficient depending on which light you choose. The brighter the better. I suggest spending a little more money to buy a better quality fixture. Some cheap, poorly made lights are just not bright at all. They list the lumen output as pretty impressive. Oh wow it’s 10,000 lumens! That must be so bright!! Well, most likely it’s not at all. Don’t be fooled. Really, anything over 2000 lumens is not actual. However, a true 2000 lumen light will be very bright. That is what you want to look for when buying security lights.

Easy To Install

Wired lights may be a better choice but for those of us who can’t afford to spend thousands on a whole wired security system with extensive electrical work, solar LEDs are a great alternative. You can save money by installing them yourself with little to no help. If you have a latter and a drill you’re golden. Think about where you want to place the lights. By a fence gate, over a shed door, on the sides of the house, over the back door, above front porch. Really any entry point to your yard and house would make the most sense. You may want to invest in a small level when hanging these fixtures. By eye works too but a level will greatly reduce the human error aspect of the installation. Choose areas that are less precarious, for safety reasons. Latters need a firm level surface to stand on otherwise you end up in the emergency room. That’s no fun. Keep it on the brightest setting until you need to change it. I suggest choosing lights with remote controls or ones that offer an app download to control with your phone. Great feature.

Non-Motion Sensored lights

If you plan on buying non-motion sensored solar LED spotlights, I suggest choosing only one or two locations for placement. These lights will be on all night so you want to avoid having several super bright lights illuminating the whole neighborhood and annoying the neighbors. Maybe over the garage or on a shed facing your house. Helps if you aim them down. On the other hand a motion sensored spotlight CAN annoy the neighbors because it will alert them that someone or something is creeping around. This could be the one instance where a nosey neighbor is awesome! : /

Security Is A Necessity

When it comes to security you do the best you can to implement a system that is within your means. Maybe start with motion spotlights and down the road when you can swing it, buy some cameras. But it is definitely worth setting up a security system. Like I mentioned earlier in this post, the pandemic brought a whole new way of life for us. Things are different. Crime is up. People who don’t have some type of security system in place and still leave their car doors unlocked are prime candidates for a burglary or home invasion. So get with the times people and invest in safety and protection. For you. For your family.

Thanks so much for reading. Have a great day!


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