Solar Powered LED Garden Lights

Hello All, Rob here with another LED idea article.  This time we’re going to talk about adding LED lights to your gardens.  A garden does not necessarily equate to just plants, fruits and vegetables.  People create gardens for a myriad of reasons.  They can serve different purposes all over the world.  Have you ever seen a Japanese Zen Garden?  They are creative, beautiful, magical escapes meant as a means to clear your mind and wisk you away to your “Zen” place.  How about The Royal Caserta Palace Garden in Italy?  Amazing.  Well maybe we don’t have a palace with beautiful lush gardens we could throw parties in, but we could certainly create our own amazing garden on a much smaller scale. One with Solar LED lights and some hardscapes and softscapes (is that a real term?)  And of course one that we could maintain without hiring a full time gardener.  

Spruce Up Your Outdoor Garden

I don’t know about you but I like to grow my own vegetables in my garden.  I really only have a small property to work with and with a 4 year old, a shed, a trampoline and a paver patio my space has gotten even smaller.  Since I’ve been making my own hot sauce, which has become a big hit locally with family and friends, I decided to dominate my garden with various types of hot peppers.  This will cut down on costs and save me a trip to the local market.  This year’s outdoor DIY project I haved planned is to spruce up my garden.  I want to add some decorative rocks, a few colorful plants and of course, Solar LED lights!  If you do some research for LED lights for a garden you will find a plethura of options to add to your garden.  

Spot lighting really adds beauty to your garden.  These Solar LED lights are inexpensive and extemely easy to setup.  You don’t have to worry about running electricity or replacing batteries.  Since the light is mainly for decorative purposes (and actually for deterring pests away as well – see below) you have the freedom to purchase any light you please. There are so many different lights for whatever theme or look you’re aiming for.  Have fun with it.  Try sticking some little LED lights in between plants and rocks, maybe a garden gnome.  

There are statues and decor with solar powered LED lights built in.  If you have some sort of pathway leading to your garden or within the garden, looks great to add solar powered pathway lights.  An idea that I plan on incorporating in my garden is adding solar powered LED string lights overhead around the perimeter of the garden.  You just have buy some metal or wooden poles or posts to set in the ground to hang the lights on.  Similar to what I did for my fire pit surround project.  See my post about that here if you haven’t read it.  I was thinking of buying 4 iron plant hangers with spikes at the bottom to set in the ground.  They have different lengths.  I suggest the tallest ones since you will need to walk beneath them.  Then you can string the lights to them and hang plants or even Solar LED Lanterns.  Once I complete that project I will post it.

Keep Those Pests Away!

You know, I love all living things.  Life is amazing.  Life is beautiful.  BUT… I really fight to keep those feelings when I go to tend to my garden and find that all the buds on my plants have been eaten.  Who I ask.  Who would do such a thing??  Gosh darn rabbits! That’s who!  Now as angry as I am, I’m not going to start going Rambo on these little devils.  What I will do is much more humane, maybe not as effective, but humane at the very least.  Believe it or not if you add solar LED lights and some motion censored solar lights throughout the garden that will deter the rascals from eating your plants and flowers.  Not just rabbits though, any small animal really.  Rodents especially.  All these woodland creatures may be cute and fuzzy but man are they destructive. I put motion activated LED lights all over the place to try and keep these pests away. 

Here’s another fun fact.  Since LED lights do no emit UV light or heat they do not attract bugs.  Incandescent lights radiate heat and bright light which bugs are attracted to.  Even those yellow bug repellant bulbs still attract bugs because they radiate heat. Yes bugs can’t really see the yellow but they can surely sense the heat.  So in actuality, all outdoor lighting should be LED.  They use less energy, last forever, keep pests away from your plants and don’t attract bugs.  I rest my case.

Create a Zen Garden

Zen Garden

As I mentioned above Zen gardens are creative, beautiful, magical escapes meant as a means to clear 

your mind and wisk you away to your “Zen” place.  They’re designed with pathways and seating, lights, waterfalls, rocks, plants and little trees.  Meant to be enjoyed all hours of the day and night. In these gardens solar LED path lights, accent lights and lights in the waterfall really add peace, tranquility and beauty.  You can even buy a set of LED string lights shaped like fireflies. If that’s your thing.  In Japan everything in a Zen garden has meaning.  You can put whatever brings you peace and happiness in your garden. 

LED Lights For Indoor Gardens

For those of you in a colder climate or living the apartment life you may want to think about making an indoor garden.  All you need is a few planters and some light.  If sunlight is an issue, no worries.  Hard to believe but LED lights can replace sunlight.

  You can buy an LED grow light.  They’re actually designed to help accelerate all growth stages by offering a full spectrum of colors that aid photosynthesis.  I think I’m going to create an indoor garden in my house for the wintertime.  I can grow the hot peppers onions and garlic for my hot sauce.   Another benefit of indoor gardens is they increase the oxygen supply making a healthier environment.  Self sufficiency.  That’s what it’s all about.

The Wrap Up Show

So that about does it for this episode.  I hope I was able to spark some inspiration.  The Spring and Summer are creeping up on us and it will soon be time to get outside and whip our yards back in to shape.  Tha’s when DIY projects blossom.  Along with plants, flowers and weeds.  So grab a wheelbarrow full of solar LED lights and start shining up your gardens.

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