Adding LED Lights To Accent Your Home

Hello All!  Rob here with another post of awesome LED lighting ideas you can implement in your home.

Your home is a place where you, family and friends can feel a sense of comfort and happiness.  A place where you can spend time, hang out, relax, watch a movie, play pool, eat, exercise, play video games, do arts and crafts and whatever else you are in to.  But where to start?  That is totally up to you.  It’s your home, your property.  Seems only fitting that you add design and décor that fits your personality, your mood, your life experiences.  Of course, adding some LED accent lighting is certainly a great way to change the overall look and feel of the interior of your home.  What’s cool about LED lights is that there are so many options for you to express yourself without having to buy a different set of lights for each occasion, mood or ambience.  You can buy a set of LED lights that have color and mode selection capabilities.  So whatever you’re feeling at any given moment you can just click a button change the look of the LEDs.

What Mood Are You In?

We are all human beings.  We feel stress, we deal with several different emotions each day.  Whether it’s at our jobs, at school, out on the roads, we all experience a multitude of mood swings throughout the day in some capacity.  That is why it is important to create a healthy environment at home.  A place where we could unwind and brush off the residue of our day.  Spend quality time with our family.  Eat a healthy meal together.  Watch a family movie.  If you’re single and live alone it is even more important to make your place a total destress zone. Sit in your favorite room in your favorite chair and just chill.  No matter what mood you’re in there is an LED light design that can set the perfect mood for you.

There are many colors in the color spectrum.  Colors are everywhere we look.   Whether you realize it or not these colors are influencing our moods and behavior throughout our daily lives.  In sales and marketing there are certain colors such as Red, yellow and blue that will lead a perspective buyer in a direction favorable to the seller.  A seller wants you to be in a positive, happy, calm yet energetic mood when shopping.  Makes for a better probability that you will buy something from them rather than someone else.  In an artistic sense colors like purple provoke creativity and imagination.  And so on and so forth.  Well this theory can be utilized at home.This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is color_image_wheel.png

A living room is a place where we could sit in a recliner or lay on the couch in front of a fireplace of some type (wood burning, electric or gas) and relax.  Read a book or watch a great movie.  In a setting like this you could add some ambient LED lighting to help you feel comfortable.  Try adding a blue or pastel yellow LED rope light behind the TV or underneath the fireplace hearth.  You could also hang some light yellow LED string lights to around the windows.  If you have a fireplace surround such as stone or wood, you could add small LED accent lights to create a warm relaxing scene.  How about your arts and crafts room?  Hang some pastel-colored LED string lights and accent lights to help spark your creative side.  There are lots of variations of LED lights and colors to enhance your mood no matter what room you are in.  Be creative.

Personalized Décor

Another factor in making a home comfortable is décor.  Décor usually reflects the personality and life of the person or persons living there.  Everyone has hobbies, travel experiences, passions, collectibles, etc.  When you visit someone’s home you usually see items pertaining to all those things scattered all over the house.  Photos, signs, paintings, model cars, trophies, framed accomplishments, family heirlooms, and items like that.  It is these things that make us feel comfortable and happy at home.  They’re reminders of how special our lives are.  They make us excited to make more memories that we could eventually add to our walls of life.  So with that in mind, why not add some LED accent lights to highlight certain personal items you have on display?  Some car collectors have display garages with fluorescent and LED lights all around.  It makes the garage and the cars in it look awesome.  Give it a try.  Next time you have guests I guarantee they will notice and throw a nice compliment your way making you feel proud.


As much as you want your home to reflect YOU, I feel like there’s some of us that also enjoy some elegance where we live.  Maybe you renovated your kitchen but are lacking accent lighting.  Rather than ripping things up, drilling holes and calling an electrician, how about just simply adding some LED lights?  It is so easy.  Stick them up underneath cabinets adding subtle illumination to the countertops.  Maybe stick them underneath countertops to add some accent light to a kitchen island or coffee bar area.  I assure you this will create a beautiful elegant appeal to your kitchen.  Everyone will want to gather there during parties.  So make sure you have enough hors d’oeuvres!

The bedroom is another place in the home where elegance is appreciated.  Back in the late 80’s early 90’s fluorescent lights around the base of a bed and behind the headboard became a very popular design.  Well…now it’s back.  Except now we use LED lights. LED lights that change colors and modes.  Give it whirl.

Some of the younger generation like to put ambient lighting behind their gaming computer setups.  Even their keyboards and tower cases have multiple colored LED lights glowing in and around them. Usually they are red, blue and green lights.  Suits the varying gaming moods.

Modern or Traditional?

Every person has their own style.  Some people like traditional, some classical, others like a more modern touch and some people out there are…well…out there.  But that’s the beauty of style.  It’s whatever you say it is.  Everyone is allowed to don any style they choose.  No laws have been passed.  There’s no actual style police patrolling around looking to arrest people whom they think are violating some style laws!  Have you ever walked in to someone’s house and was immediately freaked out?? I know I have.  But who are we to judge?  Are we the utmost authority on trends and styles? Absolutely not. That’s all interpretation.  I guess what I’m getting at is, just be you.

Jeez, I went off on a tangent there.  Sorry.  So.. whether you are modern or traditional you can get appropriate LED lights to install all around your house.  Modern would be blues, reds, purples.  Traditional would be yellows and whites.  You can also combine styles from room to room to create a total experience for all different styles and moods.  You can really have fun with it.

Be Creative

So before I wrap up this post, I just want to say, thank you for visiting and taking the time to read my blog.  I hope some of my ideas inspire you to be creative and even more importantly, be you.

Thanks everyone!



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