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Hello Friends!  Welcome to Shine.  I’m Rob, founder and CEO.  At Shine we offer LED lighting ideas to fit any style, any mood, any time! Enhance your DIY projects, spruce up a room, add ambiance to your patio, man cave or she shed, whatever you’re feeling.  Let us light up your life.

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It Started With Christmas

I’ve always loved the way lights totally control the look, feel and attitude of pretty much anything.  For me it started when I was a little kid.  Christmas lights! What a warm happy feeling it was to see lights at Christmas time.  Even though I grew up with incandescent lights I feel  LED lights have come a long way.  They can be extremely bright. The can be dimmed.  They can be a multitude of colors. They can be elegant. They can be outrageous.  They can be whatever you make them.

Now I have solar LED lights around my fire pit, in my shed, on my fence and around my house.  So I decided to start a business offering people LED lighting ideas that will fit their wants, needs and personality.

Lighten Up People!

I think it is important to create a home that you and your family and friends can feel relaxed and comfortable in.  A  place to hang and make special memories in.  One of the ways you can do that is to add some lights to it!  Add them around your backyard patio for those chill summer nights. String them around your fire pit to add a little more warmth during those cool fall evenings.  How about adding some ambient lighting to a

feature wall?  Maybe under the cabinets in your kitchen or around a window.  You know what looks really elegant?  Adding a solar accent light to each fence panel around your yard. There are literally hundreds of possibilities.  Be creative.  Be you.

Check out our creative ideas and let us help you spruce up your home or workplace.  It’s all very DIYable [yes I made up a word here 🙂 ]  You can totally create elegance, mood and personality all on your own.  I believe there’s at least a little creativity in all of us.  Just block out the outside noise and focus on what YOU like, what YOU love, whatever makes YOU feel proud of your creation.  That is what matters most.  Shine on people!

Quality, Cost Efficiency and Creative Influence

Our purpose here is to present to our viewers how awesome your home or office can look by just adding quality LED lights without breaking the bank.  We hope you find something on our site that sparks your creativity.

If you ever need a hand or have ay questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

web: TheShineisReal.com

email: Rob@theshineisreal.com

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